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Sold Wakoopa, the social network he founded at age 20, to market research giant GfK. Got millions of people hired by building job search and employer tools at Google.

Built a mobile social network with 10 million users in Europe before Facebook did it: Hyves. Solo-developed Folio, a versioning tool used by teams at Airbnb, Intel, and Lyft.

Worked on products like Sketch Cloud and WeTransfer while at the product agency Awkward.

Curated content for events with TEDx, the LUMA Film Festival, Off the Fence, and Rockstart.

Built interfaces for Sketch and WeTransfer at product agency Awkward and energy provider Greenchoice.

Our offer

How do people do the best work they've ever done? We think it's when you build an organization like we build our products: iterating together, step by step, until it improves everyone's lives.

A startup is not for everyone, but if you're excited about joining one then here's what we offer. How could you build on that?

🚸 Set a path Grow to your next level in skill and compensation.
  • Regular check-ins We check in with each other as a team every six months. Your teammates give you their feedback and you give them yours. You then discuss the results with your coach, which is the person responsible for your growth every day. When you've grown, your responsibilities grow but your compensation does as well. Usually, it takes one year, or two team reviews, to get there. Everyone also has a coach that they can talk to at any time, no matter when, to get help and reset their career course if needed. You have a private meeting with your coach every week.
  • Open salaries We determine your salary based on local market values and aim to pay in the 80th percentile. That means you can do more than just pay your bills, like save up for later. Everyone's salary is known to everyone else at the company. Just take a look at our monthly updated financial sheet.
  • Grow the team This is a startup, so you're not just here to grow yourself. You're here to support your team and help everyone grow with you. That means you help hire the next team member and actively reach out to the best people you've worked with to join. Who are the best people you've ever worked with, and how could we get them on board?

🍰 Own it Be a founding team member and take ownership.
  • Option plan As part of the founding team, you're shaping the product, team and cultural foundations. Our stock options reward your long-term contribution to building our product and company. You get to share in its future success directly. Everyone in the team gets this ownership from the first day they start. We use a standard four-year time-based vesting schedule with a one-year cliff, including our founders.
  • Set the culture Working at a startup is not for everyone. The added freedom from being in a small team also means that you get to take responsibility for things that sometimes are outside of your skillset. We're expecting you to make sure that how we treat each other and our users is constantly being challenged. At a large corporation, this is all already planned out for you. You simply follow the manual, go through the motions, and you'll end up being comfortable at the end. This isn't that kind of position. You get to decide what the manual contains.
  • Craft your role What you're applying for today might not be the job you'd like in the future. Whether you want to become a manager or grow as a contributor, you can create the role that fits you personally best. There is no job ladder or role definition at a startup like ours. If you want to mix and match your skillset with several tasks, that's up to you. Let us know how the company can fit you, and not the other way around.

🕹 Pick your setup Work from home with the setup you need.
  • Work from home We're currently working from home and are enjoying that flexibility. We usually work between 10 am and 7 pm CET, so if you'd like to benefit from serendipity and teamwork then that's the time to be productive. However, it's okay to step out for errands, walks, sports, family time, whatever. In the future, we might return to an office, but not without offering remote working options too.
  • We're currently looking for people located in The Netherlands. We're a tiny company so we don't sponsor visas at this time.

  • Travel We pay for travel costs, whether that's to the office or events. You'll get a card that you can use to pay for expenses on the trip too. Just be responsible and spend money like it was your own. (Since everyone here owns a piece of the company, it is.)
  • Equipment & hardware We'll have a sit/stand desk ready to send you, alongside a comfortable chair. All hardware you need to do your job is paid for by the company, like laptops or phones. You can use your own equipment if you like, as long as it meets the security standards we all set for ourselves.
  • Lunch, snacks & drinks Since we currently work from home, we reimburse your lunch expenses every month up to €8 a day. Just save the receipts from your groceries and send it our way so we can reimburse you.

🧠 Get supported Get help in developing yourself further.
  • Experienced fellowship Our team is supported by the same investors who once supported Lyft, Skype, Slack, and TransferWise, former and current team members of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Shopify, and founders of companies such as Clearbit, Framer, and WeTransfer.
  • This is not our first picnic. We'll back up your experience with ours, from companies like Google, Booking or Hyves. Our CTO was an early engineer at several growing companies, so there's a lot you can pick his brain on. That includes all the stuff we messed up, horribly. A startup is initially small, so we also look outwards to find the people who can support you as well. Some of us have already been involved in the Startup Weekend and TNW Spaces communities, which are a great starting point. We can help you find a mentor that's an expert in your field, or connect with peers that struggle with the same things you do in your career.

  • Learning & growth budget Every team member can spend towards their learning and happiness. This could be conference tickets, a book that helps you build a new skill, a chair massage to keep you focused, or whatever helps you or the team grow. Talk to us about your needs and we'll help set it up.
  • Time off Team members have unlimited days off, and we recommended everyone take at least 25 days off a year. Coordinate with your team, let people know when you're off beforehand, and put it in your calendar. Make a hand-off doc if needed. Same goes for health & sick days. Need a day, whatever the reason? Stay home! We trust you to be responsible for your own wellbeing but will also help you if you need us.
  • Parental support We support parents in finding the balance between their family and work time, so they can make the most of both. A part of that means providing you with flexibility to make choices that work for your own family life. We offer more than the legally set parental leave, and allow you to choose the number of hours you'll work after the birth of your child, however you see fit.

Open positions

Freelance, fulltime, and part-time. Junior or senior. We're open to all.

📱 Frontend engineer React Native, iOS, Android, Firebase

We're looking for a software engineer that wants to build apps in React Native as part of our founding team.

  • You'll focus on the frontend of our mobile application, working closely with designers and other engineers. (Our backend is based on Elixir and Firebase.) You're quick to get something in the hands of users, but also care deeply about the architecture to make that happen.
  • Your mission is to make it magical. That doesn't just mean making sure our design system is implemented but also coming up with new interactions that trigger an emotional response from a user.

How can we make our user experience something that hits the right emotional notes, as well as being there when people need it fast? That's the challenge.

🏗 Backend engineer Elixir, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform

To take our backend architecture to the next level, we're looking for an engineer that's as crazy about Elixir as we are.

  • We run a GraphQL API on an Absinthe and Phoenix stack. We have a roadmap ahead with exciting challenges to solve in multimedia processing, realtime systems and recommendation systems.
  • There are years of experience in Elixir and functional programming among our team members, so we’re happy to mentor new community members coming from other languages and frameworks

How can we support the best possible user experience with a reliable architecture that's ready to scale? If you'd like to find out, join us.

🎨 Product designer Visual design, prototyping, user research

We're looking for a product designer that wants to reinvent professional networks with a unique approach on how people listen to advice.

  • You'll work closely with every team member to form a clear vision of what can help our users the most. That starts by talking to them constantly, casually or in a planned user research session.
  • Based on that, you'll design an experience that solves real problems. You call in help from freelance illustrators or animators as well if needed.
  • Next to tweaking pixels, you'll create prototypes in Framer so you can communicate it even faster to the team and get it implemented.

What can we build that's both useful, impactful, and delightful? That's the balance you constantly have to maintain.

🤗 Community manager Outreach, support, communication

To grow and nurture our community, we're looking to expand our team with a community manager.

  • You'll work closely with the founding team on outreach to prominent local experts, speakers, and writers in tech and other industries.
  • Using your established network, you identify and help bring on board people that can share their professional advice in a unique new way.
  • Reaching out to prominent users, you help them become speakers. You also take requests and onboard the speakers they're interested in the most.
  • You're motivated to support them in whatever way possible, growing their audience and the Quest community along the way.

What experts should be heard on our platform? To answer that question is your mission.

🤷‍♂️ Open applications

If there's a position you'd be perfect for, but not listed here, get in touch. We'd love to hear your ideas on how you'll fit anyway.

Sorry, but...


No visa sponsorship We can only accept applications from EU citizens and can't sponsor or take over sponsorships of visas. However, freelancers worldwide are welcome to apply.


No recruitment solicitation We don't engage with candidates through recruiters, agencies, or other staffing services. We're unfortunately not in a position to hire that way. You can take us off your list.

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Send us a message at hello@quest.audio, including a link to things you've built, your resume, and any thoughts you have on what we're building. Talk soon!