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We're useful

  • Battle-tested
  • The best lessons come from people who have actually experienced it. Talking about things you read in a book is fine, but how have you applied that yourself in your work? Where were you when you learned something? We believe that anyone can be an expert, junior or senior, as long as they talk about the real moments that took place in their own life.

  • Specific
  • Stories published on Quest address the question and are specific. Anyone can share platitudes, throw in a bunch of buzzwords, and voila: you're an "expert". That's not what Quest is about. No acronyms or jargon allowed. No vague sweeping statements either. We're here to get to the heart of the issue, really zoom in on it, and answer questions.

  • Clear Speakers on Quest have to be clearly understandable. They speak at a normal volume in clear English, so that the most people globally can benefit. They improvise their answers, speaking from the heart instead of from a piece of paper. You can listen to them in five minutes, but usually more like two. We're also adding transcripts soon so anyone can read along.

We're respectful

  • Tolerant
  • We're intolerant of the intolerant and ask any user on our platform to adhere to those standards. Our community is one built on respect and equality. We actively ban people who harass, bully, and manipulate. You should feel safe and included in our community.

  • Un-creepy
  • We don't include ads in our app or our site. In the future, we want to give people the chance to promote their profile or pay for memberships. That only works however if our app respects your attention and data. We do and we will.

We're dependable

  • Controlled
  • Our team has spent decades creating products at companies like Google and Hyves. We take our operations seriously and set clear protocols on how data is processed, stored, and accessed. Your information is only used to make Quest work for you, and not sold. You can delete or expert your account at any time.

  • Secure
  • We work with products like Google Cloud PlatformIntercomMixpanelSentrySegment and Slack, to make our apps secure and dependable. We only share data with these services when it's absolutely necessary.

  • Compliant
  • We're compliant with GDPR and CCPA, and employ legal council to make sure we will be in the future. We'll actively work with regulators and industry groups to take responsibility for our products, because every company should.

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